It seems to me that beliefs about the future are so rarely correct that they usually aren’t worth the extra rigidity they impose, and that the best strategy is simply to be aggressively open-minded. Instead of trying to point yourself in the right direction, admit you have no idea what the right direction is, and try instead to be super sensitive to the winds of change.


Lotus 1-2-3

January 30, 2013

Incredible Lotus 1-2-3 commercial from the early 80s. It really shows how much dance can be involved in data analysis. Via Kottke.

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Significant digits

November 27, 2011
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Blue State Digital end of year fundraising webinar

September 20, 2011

Some colleagues of mine are giving a webinar tomorrow on end-of-year digital fundraising. Check it out. I couldn’t be more excited about holiday fundraising for my nonprofit clients this year. I cut my teeth as a fundraiser with direct mail, and in direct mail you basically have two to five pieces you drop for the […]

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Resigning from a nonprofit in protest and the Greg Mortenson controversy

May 31, 2011

After watching the 60 Minutes takedown of Greg Mortenson I picked up Jon Krakauer’s excellent Kindle book Three Cups of Deceit. The book does a great job at chronicling a Mortenson’s snowballing deceptions. A big part of the Central Asia Institute story is the long list of board members and staff who’ve quit in protest. […]

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Are you saving the world with R?

October 1, 2010

In a couple of weeks I’m going to give a talk called “How to Save the World with R.” It’s going to be at for DC useR Group and co-located at the Predictive Analytics World Conference, so if you’re nearby you should definitely check it out. Ever since I saw this blog post from David […]

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Getting the Most Out of Google Apps for Business course starts this Tuesday!

August 30, 2010

I’m really excited to be leading an online course on Google Apps for Business, which starts tomorrow. It’ll be every Tuesday for the next five weeks and starts at 11 AM PT. Sign up and participate for free at The course is going to be highly interactive, and O’Reilly is offering a pretty delicious […]

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Awesome Kickstarter campaign for Art Space Tokyo

July 28, 2010

Wow, I just finished reading Craig Mod’s fascinating post on using Kickstarter to raise funds to reprint his book. Everyone who works in fundraising should check it out.

I’d like to add a few points about why this and other Kickstarter projects are such good fundraising opportunities and how these successes look next to classic nonprofit fundraising techniques.

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Fundraising analytics presentation to the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington

July 26, 2010

Several weeks ago my illustrious friend the nonprofit capacity building consultant extraordinaire Christie Lewis suggested that I get in touch with the nice people at the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington to talk about nonprofit analytics, and since then I’ve given two presentations to their development roundtable on how to use analytics for fundraising.

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Here comes Head First Excel

July 13, 2010

Recently O’Reilly released my new book, Head First Excel. The book goes into advanced topics in Excel but is really about teaching Excel beginners how to use the software to solve big problems.

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